Interlocking Star Wars covers across all 3 Marvel Titles. 

Here’s some more info from Mtv

From my 3 year old son’s mind, to my pen, here is a spider-crab. I know it is a real thing but not like he described it!


Odd jobs can get confusing when the instructions aren’t all that specific.


Real Name: Peter Notorio
Age: 25
Super Power: Controls electric through his power pack and power gloves.
Group Affiliations: Emerge Tech (as Peter), Sinful Seven (as Conduit)

Peter Notorio is the head electrical engineer of EmergeTech. By day he is a seemingly normal man, while at night he goes by Conduit and has the ability to harness electricity from any source and manipulate it for his own use.

Here is a page from the children’s book that I am working. I wrote it over the winter and have edited it several times with a friend who I respect very much as a writer. Although this page is not complete, it does showcase the style that I am going to use throughout the book.

The book is called A Notorious Child and while I don’t want to give away any of the details, the story it is very close to me. Though it is not exclusively autobiographical, many of the characters and stories are pulled from my childhood…except for the whole superhero part!

The book is 32 pages long with single artwork on each page. My goal is to Kickstart this by the end of the year. I think the art and story will find an audience. I hope you check it out and continue to follow along for updates.


Night Ninja and the Thirty Feats of Fear week 22

Looks like red found a little buddy. Maybe he can help answer some of his questions. 

Also, I am going to try posting two comics this week to make up for not posting last Wednesday. Here is the first, look for the next one on Thursday.

New Night Ninja is up today. I should have another this Thursday as well, hope you enjoy!

Transformers 2 Review

Transformers 2 is a very bad movie.

- Joe

4545 Creative Services is Officially Open

Dear Everyone,

After 10 years as an in-house graphic designer, I am going out on my own. I am very proud to unveil my own business 4545 Creative Services. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve worked in many different fields: corporate, healthcare, education, sports and entertainment. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 executives, Nobel Prize-winning doctors, managers, directors, and just plain regular folks. I have worked for and with great and talented people, where I learned about art and design in the business world. I learned how to listen, how to find creative solutions to complex challenges, and I learned how to collaborate.

I have rolled out new branding initiatives and helped design hundreds of pieces to support these efforts. I have managed photography and video shoots, both with in-house staff and vendors. I go to printers during press checks and studios for video editing. I’ve even won a few awards along the way. I have learned how to deliver messages through dynamic visual artistry and storytelling. And I have learned the importance of fostering long-term and meaningful relationships. I’m efficient. I’m reliable. I’m a very strong graphic artist that I think anyone can feel comfortable working with.

But the real reason I’m making this announcement is so that I can link you to my website. I can only talk so much about my work. If you want to partner with me, it won’t be because of how I talk about my work; it’s because you’ve seen it and you like it. Please pay me a visit at and consider me for any of your future creative needs. If you have worked with me in the past and would like to again, I am currently accepting projects proposals. If you know of anyone interested in working with an award-winning, seasoned graphic designer, referrals are much appreciated.

Thank you,
Joe Gillespie

4545 Creative Services


Night Ninja and the Thirty Feats of Fear Week 21

Looks like Yellow is going for a ride and hopefully he didn’t have a big lunch. 

Latest Night Ninja is now up…


Night Ninja and the Thirty Feats of Fear week 20.

This week I kept on experimenting with the art and did a completely digital panel. I drew and colored the art using a 19 inch Intous3 which I borrowed from a friend. I am really happy with the way it turned out and am going to keep playing with it next week as well. 

Love to hear what everyone thinks!

New Night Ninja up a day early. I did this week completely digital on an intous3. I think it turned out pretty good too.


Night Ninja and the Thirty Feats of Fear week 18.

Things are starting to get a little interesting here, hope you enjoy where this is going. Over the summer I will be switching to a three panel format as I work on my children’s book. I think the new format will be a nice change of pace, hope it works out!

Latest Night Ninja is now up at Give it a read if you have a few minutes…there is a lot of text for a Night Ninja comic.


Okay, even the dead need practice. A necromancer’s job can have its ups and downs.

Time for beer and lettering. #makecomics



Season 2 “The Rundown”

Full page is now up.

Great new Devil and Mr. Gandhi page from Pat McCuen. 

For the past few months I have been talking about this children’s book that I plan on kickstarting in the fall. My goal is to wrap up the final draft of the book this month and get working the pages July 1. While I don’t think I will be drawing the book in a comic style, I have been doing the character designs in that manner. Here is one of the characters, Terror Skull.

Great name for a children’s book, right?